A Review on Bubble Stability in Fresh Concrete: Mechanisms and Main Factors

Xiaohui Zeng, Xuli Lan, Huasheng Zhu, Haichuan Liu, Hussaini Abdullahi Umar, Youjun Xie, Guangcheng Long, Cong Ma
2020 Materials  
In order to improve the stability of air bubbles in fresh concrete, it is of great significance to have a better understanding of the mechanisms and main influencing factors of bubble stability. In the present review, the formation and collapse process of air bubbles in fresh concrete are essentially detailed; and the advances of major influencing factors of bubble stability are summarized. The results show that the surface tension of air–liquid interface exerts a huge impact on bubble
more » ... by reducing surface free energy and Plateau drainage, as well as increasing the Gibbs surface elasticity. However, surface tension may not be the only determinant of bubble stability. Both the strength of bubble film and the diffusion rate of air through the membrane may also dominate bubble stability. The application of nano-silica is a current trend and plays a key role in ameliorating bubble stability. The foam stability could be increased by 6 times when the mass fraction of nano-particle reached 1.5%.
doi:10.3390/ma13081820 pmid:32290602 fatcat:gc7c4y7hbvh7xfozodbsbniahy