Design and Analysis of Parabolic Reflector Using MATLAB

Kirti Chaurasiya , Satish Kumar
2015 International Journal of Advanced Research in Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering  
The far field radiation pattern from a parabolic reflector depends on the primary radiation pattern which is the radiation pattern of the feed element placed and also on the type and dimensions of reflector used. Therefore in this paper analysis of the E-plane and H-plane normalized radiation patterns in dB by using MATLAB programming 2010a. In addition the beam width and efficiency patterns for different center frequencies, focal lengths and diameters were also calculated. A parabolic
more » ... has been picked as the reflector because it produces high gain pencil beam with small side lobes. Using aperture approximation methods the radiation patterns have been plotted and elevation planes. The simplest reflector antenna consists of two components: a reflecting surface and a much smaller feed antenna, which frequently is located at the reflector"s focal point. Paraboloidal reflector is entirely defined by the respective parabolic line, i.e., by three basic parameters: the center frequency the diameter and the focal length.
doi:10.15662/ijareeie.2015.0403029 fatcat:oh2agujgfjdq3dswpc2gm64uli