Casimir force

Bing Miao
2020 Wuli xuebao  
Casimir force in quantum electrodynamics is the representation of zero point energy of vacuum. Depending on the type of fluctuation medium, generalized Casimir force covers a wide spectrum of topics in physics, such as, quantum, critical, Goldstone mode, and non-equilibrium Casimir force. In general, long range correlated fluctuations and constraints are two conditions for generating the Casimir force. In this paper, through a survey of the development of Casimir physics, we discuss several
more » ... s of Casimir forces and several regularization methods. We end the paper with an outlook for the further development of Casimir physics in the future.
doi:10.7498/aps.69.20200450 fatcat:xl6om7n2vfgebpbnmkbwlva3vm