Preplant Irrigation Effectiveness and Crop Yield and Water Productivity in the United States: A Review

2019 Journal of Agriculture and Horticulture Research  
Soil moisture content early growing season is determinant for crop season planning mainly a decision on planting date. In the region where off season or early season precipitation does not much the conditions for seed germination and plant growth/ development, preplant irrigation is applied to meet these conditions. Also, under limited water availability or low system capacity to meet crop water requirement at peak evapotranspiration, preplant irrigation could be applied to store water within
more » ... e crop root zone. However, its efficiency or effectiveness depends on the soil type and soil water storage efficiency. This review explored the advantages and disadvantages of the practice and its impact on crop yield and water productivity using summaries of different researches conducted mostly in the United States and other regions. The consideration of applying preplant irrigation should be examined regarding soil type, crop management practices, tillage and residue management, irrigation technique, actual precipitation pattern and forecast, crop choice to optimize the preplant irrigation practice for system sustainability.
doi:10.33140/jahr.02.02.02 fatcat:rsc7qebagrcthjybewtddzthcu