An annotated list of the spider mites (Acari: Prostigmata: Tetranychidae) of Israel

Ben-David Tselila, Edward Ueckermann, Gerson, Uri
2013 Israel Journal of entomology   unpublished
An annotated list and key to twenty four species of spider mites (Prostig-mata: Tetranychidae) known from Israel is provided. About half of the species are considered to be exotics, having invaded Israel within the last fifty years. Nine species, all of which belong to the subfamily Tetranychinae: Eutetranychus orientalis, Eutetranychus palmatus, Oligonychus afrasiat-icus, Oligonychus perseae, Panonychus ulmi, Panonychus citri, Schizo-tetranychus asparagi, Tetranychus turkestani and Tetranychus
more » ... urticae, are agricultural pests, whereas the others have little economic impact, or else are controlled by their natural enemies.