Experiences with 7 years of acidification in Denmark– SyreN system, a commercial method to fertilize with sulphate while reducing animal slurry ammonia emission

2019 International journal of food science and agriculture  
Keywords In 2009 a group of companies were assembled (Aarhus University, SEGES, BioCover A/S and Grundfos ) and committed to a joint development project "SyreN" -technology for field acidification of slurry, with support from the Danish ministry for development and innovation. The group defined and created a demand specification for using sulfuric acid together with a slurry tanker during application with the purpose of reducing ammonia emission, later called "field acidification". Another
more » ... t of the sulfuric acid was the addition of sulphate to slurry. Following a successful research evaluation, the system was developed by BioCover to a pilot scale system for tests and following used in commercial slurry application. The commercial product was named SyreN. Today 120 SyreN units are operative in Denmark, acidifying approx. 5.350.000 m 3 slurry/year, and do so with an acid amount that often corresponds with the sulphur need by the crops. SyreN system, acidification, ammonia emission
doi:10.26855/ijfsa.2019.09.007 fatcat:giioyfbgvfcrvjdlorfzhakfk4