Muscle exercises in Interceptive Orthodontics

Prashant Bandejiya, Anup Holla, Pooja Sharma, Dentofacial Orthopaedics, Bds
Normal primary dentition and a normal transition from the primary to the permanent dentition are necessary to establish a normal adult occlusion. It has been one of the major goals of modern orthodontics to understand this transition process well enough to prevent or intercept developing malocclusion caused by aberrations in the developmental process. preventive orthodontics can be defined conceptually as "prevention of potential interferences with occlusal development" while interceptive
more » ... ontics is defined as "elimination of existing interferences with the key factors involved in the development of dentition" Any treatment procedures aimed at eliminating existing interferences with normal development like muscle exercises, Serial extraction, correction of developing crossbite, interception of skeletal malrelation (Class II & Class III), space regaining, control of abnormal habits would fall under interceptive orthodontics.