Multithreading in .Net and Java: A Reality Check

Andrej Zentner
2018 Journal of Computers  
Due to the availability of powerful computers and improved parallelization algorithms, multithreading has become a valid choice for software development. Therefore, it is worthwhile to compare the currently most widely used development environments to determine which of them yields better performance in terms of multithreading. In this paper we tested the multithreading performance of .Net C# and Java, which are probably the two most frequently used languages for software development today. We
more » ... ere surprised by these results as we expected that C#, which is optimized only for Windows OS, would be faster. However, Java, although it is intended to be a programming language well-suited for different operating systems, proved to be faster in all the tests. The obtained results provide insight into the current state of optimization of each of the two languages and are also valuable in selecting the language to be used for programming today's complex software systems.
doi:10.17706/jcp.13.4.426-441 fatcat:twuhzkmajzfpje2apmisfj3lrq