Partnerships to promote inclusive education for students with disabilities in Thailand

Somkate Uttayotha, Andrew Scheef
2021 Journal of Global Education and Research  
Inclusive education provides opportunities for students with disabilities to learn alongside peers without disabilities. In some countries, such as Thailand, a dearth of opportunities for inclusive education means that students with disabilities are only offered enrollment in residential schools designed for students with disabilities. As a result, students are forced to leave their home communities to receive a public education. Inclusive education allows students to follow the same path as
more » ... the same path as peers in their community, which benefits all parties. This qualitative pilot study featured interviews with stakeholders to better understand how schools can partner with regional entities to increase opportunities for inclusive education. Analysis of data lead to the emergence of three themes. First, the partnership led to an increase in collaboration, both between the school and outside agencies as well as within the school itself. Second, as many teachers did not receive instruction on developing inclusive classrooms while completing their teacher education programs, the coaching and mentoring delivered through the partnership was critical. Third, in order to ensure that the content of the training was meaningful and relevant, the delivery of services on-site in the school was identified by interviewees as essential. In addition to presentation of these findings, this paper includes a discussion of these findings, including implications for practice and future research.
doi:10.5038/2577-509x.5.1.1102 fatcat:gdakff2e6jbtfimoj6gkb45sji