Western Pacific SST Prediction with an Intermediate El Niño Prediction Model

Jong-Seong Kug, In-Sik Kang, Jong-Ghap Jhun
2005 Monthly Weather Review  
To improve forecasting skills in the western Pacific sea surface temperature (SST), the authors utilized and modified an intermediate El Niño prediction model. The original model does not have the major SST thermodynamics for western Pacific SST variability, so it cannot simulate interannual variation in the western Pacific correctly. Therefore, the authors have introduced some modifications, such as heat flux and vertical mixing, into the dynamical model in order to capture SST thermodynamics
more » ... SST thermodynamics more realistically. The modified model has better forecast skill than the original one, not only for the western Pacific but also for the eastern-central Pacific. The model has predictive skill up to 6-months lead time as judged by a correlation exceeding 0.5.
doi:10.1175/mwr2921.1 fatcat:ax7z2hni6vbspllcumrxv7y6de