Hidden variety of biotin–streptavidin/avidin local interactions revealed by site-selective dynamic force spectroscopy

Atsushi Taninaka, Osamu Takeuchi, Hidemi Shigekawa
2010 Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics - PCCP  
By site-selective dynamic force spectroscopy realized with the combination of cross-linkers and anatomic force microscope with a force feedback system, we have revealed, for the first time, that the slight difference between the local structures of amino acid residues at the middle sites, SER45 and THR35 for streptavidin and avidin, respectively, strongly affects the microscopic reaction processes, i.e., the variation governs the type of bond as well as the fine structure of the potential
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doi:10.1039/c0cp00259c pmid:20725689 fatcat:336pf52hhfd2ja6w3i64mmnxiu