Analisis Video Share To Video Views Ratio Tiktok Pada 6 Rekomendasi Minuman Boba Yang Wajib Dicoba [post]

Yosico Angelica
2021 unpublished
Tiktok is an application where users can share a short videos with other users. Besides Tiktok, this application can also be known as Douyin. The Tiktok application was first introduced and launched in September 2016. This application was created by Zhang Yiming and developed by Beijing ByteDance Technology from China. In Indonesia, there are 30,7 million active users of the Tiktok Application, which makes this application an opportunity for any brand to make this application as social media
more » ... keting platform. There are 6 must-try boba brands that use the Tiktok Application as a marketing platform, namely : Chatime Indonesia, Gulu Gulu Indonesia, Xing Fu Tang Indonesia, Kokumi Indonesia, Tiger Sugar Indonesia, The Bobatime Indonesia. The purpose of this study is to calculate the credibility of the Tiktok account performance of the 6 Must-try boba drink brands. The method used for this research is quantitative exploratory method. The results of this study indicate that the Chatime Indonesia Brands is ranked first and has good account performance credibility.
doi:10.31219/ fatcat:obs3bra4afgixmpe5d6zzrdfem