1833 The Lancet  
16 days, the time being come for its general assumption. He is said to be in great odium with surgeons in general practice, —the " subordinates " of the profession, as Mr. BRODIE calls the great bulk' of the members of the profession, in consequence, amonst other things, of having intimated, in a volume on Diseases of the Rectum which he lately advertised, that " general practitioners " were not competent to treat those diseases, because affections of the rectum occur almost solely amongst the
more » ... higher orders" " of society, and are therefore rarely seen by such practitioners. In consideration, therefore, of their ignorance and inexperience, he published his volume. -Mr. ARNOT is a good surgeon, and his practice, as well as that of Sir CHARLES BELL, may be watched with advantage by the student. The physicians are, Drs. W ATSOK, Sou-THEY, and HAWKINS, and the terms are, for Physicians' Pupils, six months 101. 10s.; twelve months 15l. 15s. ; perpetual 221. ls. Surgeons' Pupils : three months 10l. 10s.; six months 151. 15s. ; twelve months 211. ; perpetual 521. 10s.
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