On the Sub-Critical Bifurcation of Anti-Phase and In-Phase Synchronized Vortex Shedding Forms

Yih Ferng Peng
2013 Journal of Modern Physics  
Transition of flows past a pair of side-by-side circular cylinders are investigated by numerical simulations and the bifurcation analysis of the numerical results. Various flow patterns behind the cylinder-pair have been identified by the gap ratio (G) and Reynolds number (Re). This study focus on transition of in-phase and anti-phase vortex shedding synchronized forms. A nested Cartesian-grid formulation, in combination with an effective immersed boundary method and a two-step fractional-step
more » ... ep fractional-step procedure, has been adopted to simulate the flows. Numerical results reveal that the in-phase and anti-phase vortex shedding flows at Re = 100 can co-exist at 2.08 2.58 G   . Hysteresis loop with increasing/decreasing G at constant Reynolds number Re = 100 is reported.
doi:10.4236/jmp.2013.45b015 fatcat:rnfcjpvwj5dx3gsf5jhstcaoha