Characteristics of Low-amylose Rice Cultivars for Sake Brewing

Tomochika MIZUMA, Sachiko FURUKAWA, Yoshifumi KIYOKAWA, Yoshinori WAKAI
To investigate the suitability of low-amylose rice cultivars for sake brewing, weanalyzed physicochemical properties, and carried out small scale sake brewing and a Koji making test,with normal rice cultivars serving as controls.Important findings in this study are:(1) low-amylose rice the cultivars had a superior water absorption;(2)Dynamic modulus(G')of steamed rice of low-amylose rice cultivars was lower than in controls;in low-amylose rice cultivars,water content of polished rice does not
more » ... hed rice does not greatly affect the Dynamic modulus (G') of steamed rice;(3)low-amylose rice cultivars exhibited a characteristic in which the digestibility of retrograded steamed rice was more difficult to lower in comparison with the controls,and there was a remarkable difference in low-amyloserice cultivars;(4) in the sake brewing test,the fermentation profiles of low-amylose rice cultivars was good,the amount of a sake cake of low-amylose rice cultivars at the end of fermentation was less,sensory score is the highest when using Chugoku173 as the rice material;and (5) in the koji making test,the results of acid protease and acid carboxy peptidase activity measurements showed a difference between low-amylose rice cultivars and normal rice cultivars.From the above results, we conclude thatlow-amylose rice cultivars are very suitable for sake brewing.
doi:10.6013/jbrewsocjapan1988.98.293 fatcat:f7cohqfyundrji3n52qguhcu5i