Monitoring of Pesticide Residues in Domestic Agricultural Products
국내 유통 농산물 중 잔류농약 모니터링

Jung-Ah Do, Hee-Jung Lee, Yong-Woon Shin, Won-Jo Choe, Kab-Ryong Chae, Chan-Soon Kang, Woo-Seong Kim
2010 Journal of the Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition  
In 2008, we monitored residual pesticides of 15 agricultural products such as rice, corn, pea, chestnut, mandarin, lemon, onion, pineapple, lettuce, chard, sweet potato stalk, burdock, squash, sweet pepper and mushroom. Agricultural commodities were collected from markets in 22 provinces (Seoul, and Jeju). Total 48 pesticides were analysed by multi-residue method using GC/MS/MS. We analysed 1,064 samples and 34 samples (3.20%) were detected. Sweet potatostalk, burdock, chestnuts, peas, corn,
more » ... uts, peas, corn, chard, squash, mushroom and onions were found to be free from pesticide residues. 6 other agricultural products did not exceed MRLs (Maximum Residue Limits) by the Korean Food Code. Chloropyrifos and fenobucarb were particularly prevalent and also they were detected over 10 times in this monitoring. Nonetheless, the exposed quantity of the 7 residual pesticides is to be considered relatively safe, compared with the acceptable daily intake (ADI) of residual pesticides.
doi:10.3746/jkfn.2010.39.6.902 fatcat:g5o5ks6mdnbrpdvgmqrjfpa4ry