Cyclodextrins in Drug Delivery Systems and their Effects on Biological Barriers

Haimhoffer, Rusznyák, Réti-Nagy, Vasvári, Váradi, Vecsernyés, Bácskay, Fehér, Ujhelyi, Fenyvesi
2019 Scientia Pharmaceutica  
Cyclodextrins are widely used excipients, composed of glucopyranose units with a cyclic structure. One of their most important properties, is that their inner cavity is hydrophobic, while their surface is hydrophilic. This enables them for the complex formation with lipophilic molecules. They have several applications in the pharmaceutical field like solubility enhancers or the building blocks of larger drug delivery systems. On the other hand, they have numerous effects on cells or biological
more » ... arriers. In this review the most important properties of cyclodextrins and cyclodextrin-based drug delivery systems are summarized with special focus on their biological activity.
doi:10.3390/scipharm87040033 fatcat:jzja6y6hczbufcjf34wr3pcsjm