Grygorii KALETNIK, Tetiana YEMCHYK
2020 "EСONOMY. FINANСES. MANAGEMENT: Topical issues of science and practical activity"  
The article deals with the social and economic development of rural areas as an important component of social and regional policy. It is noted that in the terms of a transformational economy, it should be based on new principles of organizational support and financing, support for integrated rural development, attracting investment resources, based on the needs of the rural population. It is determined that one of the main causes of the crisis in the Ukrainian countryside is the loss of state
more » ... ntrol over the processes of socio-economic development of rural areas. It is investigated that the most important precondition for overcoming the crisis is the creation of an effective system of state regulation in the rural sector of Ukraine. The formation of self-sufficient (in particular in financial terms) territorial communities of rural areas is proposed is one of the ways of socio-economic development of rural areas. It is analyzed that the state policy of Ukraine in the field of local self-government is based on the interests of residents of territorial communities and provides for decentralization of power, i.e. transfer of large amounts of power, resources and responsibilities from local governments to local authorities. This policy is based on the provisions of the European Charter of Local Self-Government and the best world standards of public relations. The focus of research is state regulation of rural development processes – the main priority of public policy in the vector of European integration of Ukraine's foreign policy. Increasing the importance of solving the problems of rural areas requires a change of state orientation in the direction of increasing the investment attractiveness of rural areas, introduction of structural adjustment of rural economic infrastructure to balanced multifunctional development, formation of organizational and economic tool for risk management and safety of rural development. It is established that one of the main conditions for the effective functioning of local budgets is to ensure the formation of sufficient financial resources for their independence and autonomy in order to meet the needs of the rural population.
doi:10.37128/2411-4413-2020-2-1 fatcat:y6aetgsdobcttkuwzt2t6jgxhm