Annapurna Birdar and Ravindra G. Patil Energy Conservation Using Variable Frequency Drive

Annapurna Birdar, Ravindra Patil
2013 International Journal of Emerging Trends in Electrical and Electronics (IJETEE)   unpublished
The paper describes the use and importance of VFD drive in firing of ceramic insulators. The ceramic insulators undergo certain physical treatments before being subjected to some mechanical and electrical test. Heat treatment is the most important one. This treatment makes the insulator durable, bonded and moisture less. The heating process is generally carried out in kiln. It requires gas or oil as fuel and air as medium. Volume of air pumped into the kiln is controlled by air blower motor,
more » ... ir blower motor, which is necessary for firing of insulators. Variable frequency drives (VFDs) are used to control three phase induction motor which intern controls the output of an air blower motor. VFDs are used to vary supply frequency to control the speed of air blower motor. Installation of VFDs offers high efficiency ease of operation and savings in cost due to less power consumption. VFDs require less maintenance, improve process control and have become the drive of choice in the majority of applications. In addition, speed control is generally the most energy efficient flow control technique because it requires the least amount of energy to meet the given load. The project is designed to highlight the use of VFDs for the control of air flow in the kiln used for firing of insulators by varying the supply frequency.