Sri Hadijah Arnus
2016 PALITA Journal of Social - Religion Research  
Pers function, beside as an information between the public and the government, also could be a transfer of social control and social values and culture in society too. The press can also be a media propaganda that conveys the teachings of Islam and Islamic values to people of Indonesian that dominant of in Muslim. But, in the era of media convergence at this time, press Islam in Indonesia is not able to develop properly. It is caused by a lack of capital from the manager of the press Islam, the
more » ... lack of professional personal are educated to understand the combination of business activities, editorial, printing techniques and a variety of advanced devices and the lack of interest in reading among Muslims especially the themes of Islam. Thus resulting in less interesting views of Islam with media content that impressed "heavy" to read. Indutrialisasi of mass media today demanded the Islamic press is not the only idealism, but also develop media businesses to finance the smooth operation of the press, in addition to the need for professionalism of workers in managing the Islamic press media. Release Islam also needs to understand the market taste and class audience of readers who want a rational religious offerings, which can be digested by common sense and is relevant to the level of their lives. In addition to media contents, press Islam also should pay attention to their physical appearance that appeal to readers. With so releases Islam can survive amid tough competition in the era of media convergence
doi:10.24256/pal.v1i2.324 fatcat:euqus7t3cjcl3gbuvmjvyhtbba