Problems in Roller Skating Teaching and Application of Related Teaching Methods

Juerui Wang
2016 Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Arts, Design and Contemporary Education   unpublished
Roller skating is deeply loved by students in colleges and universities in Xinjiang. Xinjiang University is the first university opening the selective course of roller skating in Xinjiang. It was in 1999. It has obtained various awards and honors. With many years of teaching accumulation, it has relatively mature experience. The selective course of roller skating is a special course of Xinjiang University and a postcard of Xinjiang University. By analyzing the problems in its roller skating
more » ... roller skating teaching and applying related teaching methods, we can find the best solutions and paths. Different teaching methods could solve different problems in teaching, so that teachers can teach roller skating well. The school-based teaching materials of roller skating can be amended constantly in order to perfect the teaching outline and teaching plan. It helps students better understand the roller skating culture and love roller skating, and well links in-class activities with extracurricular activities. It can better solve the problem of insufficient class hour, cultivate students' self study ability, motivate them to practice actively and help them form good living habits. The selective course of roller skating becomes a special PE course of Xinjiang University, is an important part of sports culture of Xinjiang University and a postcard of Xinjiang University.
doi:10.2991/icadce-16.2016.297 fatcat:dnvvrcmmuvbw3kfss2dljmztme