A Study on Arab Society and Culture Represented in the Poems of the Jahiliya Era before the Advent of Islam

Sewon Chang
2011 Journal of Mediterranean Area Studies  
The Arabic poems in Jahiliyah period, Al-Qaṣīdah, were the only method of recording and historical reference of the Arab people before the advent of Islam. Al-Qaṣīdah not only represents lives of people of that period, but also informs us about social structure and values, and culture of that time without any censorship. Regardless of the significance of Al-Qaṣīdah, which provides a important tool to shape and interpret the lives of people in Jahiliyah period, however, there has been few study
more » ... onducted that illuminates the Jahiliayh period. This study has its meaning in the sense that it interprets and shapes Jahiliyah period through the lens of literature. In order to reach the goal, this study limits the scope of research subject as below. The first subject deals with tradition and custom, focusing on gender segregation and tribal battles. The second subject discusses about religious lives of people during the Jahiliyah period. In which the study analyses religious value and customs shared among the Arab people before the advent of Islam. The last subject reshapes economic activity and lives of people through examining articles of daily use represented on the Al-Qaṣīdah poems.
doi:10.18218/jmas.2011.13.4.85 fatcat:4foxus2x4zamnmg3rdpxqpyfmi