Capturing Lombardi Flow in Orthogonal Drawings by Minimizing the Number of Segments [article]

Md. Jawaherul Alam, Michael Dillencourt, Michael T. Goodrich
2016 arXiv   pre-print
Inspired by the artwork of Mark Lombardi, we study the problem of constructing orthogonal drawings where a small number of horizontal and vertical line segments covers all vertices. We study two problems on orthogonal drawings of planar graphs, one that minimizes the total number of line segments and another that minimizes the number of line segments that cover all the vertices. We show that the first problem can be solved by a non-trivial modification of the flow-network orthogonal
more » ... ation algorithm of Tamassia, resulting in a polynomial-time algorithm. We show that the second problem is NP-hard even for planar graphs with maximum degree 3. Given this result, we then address this second optimization problem for trees and series-parallel graphs with maximum degree 3. For both graph classes, we give polynomial-time algorithms for upward orthogonal drawings with the minimum number of segments covering the vertices.
arXiv:1608.03943v1 fatcat:veivfxkabremnkur4ii556cewm