Study on Preference of Shippers in Pan Yellow Sea Region
항만을 이용하는 화주 선호도에 관한 연구(환황해권 항만을 중심으로)

Myoun-Soo Lee, Hoon-Do Choi, Jang-Ho Yu, Ki-Chan Nam
2015 Journal of Navigation and Port Research  
To analyze the port choice hierarchy, factorial and AHP analysis were conducted based on the survey for shippers using west coastal ports. As the result of analysis with 17 factors, 6 main factors; port service, port operation and geographical condition, connectivity to hinterland, port cost, accessibility and facilities were chosen. Based on this, AHP and correlation analysis of each factor were conducted. And the results were shown as cost, service, facility, connectivity, accessibility and
more » ... accessibility and operation in order. In addition, several ways for incentive program, the most important factor based on AHP analysis, to influence shippers around west coastal port were reviewed. As the result of review for the incentive program of domestic container ports, it was shown that three ports, Gun-san, Dae-san and Mok-po, offer incentive to shipper while two ports, Pyeong-tak and Dang-jin, do not. Therefore, the former three ports need to reinforce the existing incentive program while the latter ones introduce it.
doi:10.5394/kinpr.2015.39.6.499 fatcat:lqllejvddbhkbct6wuacfnm76m