Frozen dynamics of a breather induced by an adiabatic invariant [article]

Antonio Politi, Paolo Politi, Stefano Iubini
2022 arXiv   pre-print
The Discrete Nonlinear Schr\"odinger (DNLS) equation is a Hamiltonian model displaying an extremely slow relaxation process when discrete breathers appear in the system. In [Iubini S, Chirondojan L, Oppo G L, Politi A and Politi P 2019 Physical Review Letters 122 084102], it was conjectured that the frozen dynamics of tall breathers is due to the existence of an adiabatic invariant (AI). Here, we prove the conjecture in the simplified context of a unidirectional DNLS equation, where the
more » ... is "forced" by a background unaffected by the breather itself. We first clarify that the nonlinearity of the breather dynamics and the deterministic nature of the forcing term are both necessary ingredients for the existence of a frozen dynamics. We then derive perturbative expressions of the AI by implementing a canonical perturbation theory and via a more phenomenological approach based on the estimate of the energy flux. The resulting accurate identification of the AI allows revealing the presence and role of sudden jumps as the main breather destabilization mechanism, with an unexpected similarity with L\'evy processes.
arXiv:2201.02529v2 fatcat:53dqss524vgc5j4qwg6w7ynjdq