Harmonic distortion measurement for a parametric loudspeaker with logarithmic time stretched pulse

Shohei Masunaga, Daisuke Ikefuji, Masanori Morise, Takanobu Nishiura
2012 Journal of the Acoustical Society of America  
A parametric loudspeaker which utilizes the ultrasound can transmit the audible sound to a particular area. However, the sound reproduced by a parametric loudspeaker contains the harmonic distortions because the sound is demodulated by the nonlinearity in the air. Thus, measuring the harmonic distortions is required to evaluate the sound quality of a parametric loudspeaker. Measurement with a sine wave has used as the method to measure harmonic distortions. The harmonic distortion is measured
more » ... rtion is measured by analyzing the integral multiplication frequency of a reproduced sine wave. Many measurements by using sine waves with each different frequency are required to measure the wideband harmonic distortions. Therefore, measuring the wideband harmonic distortions with sinusoidal wave method requires much more time. Recently, using Log-TSP (Logarithmic-Time-Stretched Pulse) signal was proposed to measure the wideband harmonic distortions in a short time for electrodynamic loudspeakers. Thus in this paper, we attempt to measure harmonic distortion of a parametric loudspeaker by using Log-TSP signal. We carried out an objective evaluation experiment in a soundproof room. The result by using Log-TSP signal was compared with that by using sinusoidal wave method. As a result, we confirmed the result with Log-TSP is equivalent to that with sinusoidal wave method.
doi:10.1121/1.4708981 fatcat:ijyrym5565f4zbflz7dghgta6y