Yersinia canariae sp. nov., isolated from a human yersiniosis case [article]

Scott V Nguyen, David Greig, Daniel Hurley, Yu Cao, Evonne McCabe, Molly Mitchell, Claire Jenkins, Séamus Fanning
2019 bioRxiv   pre-print
A Gram-negative rod from the Yersinia genus was isolated from a clinical case of yersiniosis in the United Kingdom. Long read sequencing data from an Oxford Nanopore Technology (ONT) MinION in conjunction with Illumina HiSeq reads were used to generate a finished quality genome of this strain. Overall Genome Related Index (OGRI) of the strain was used to determine that it was a novel species within Yersinia, despite biochemical similarities to Yersinia enterocolitica. The 16S ribosomal RNA gene
more » ... ribosomal RNA gene accessions are MN434982-MN434987 and the accession number for the complete and closed chromosome is CP043727. The type strain is CFS3336T (=NCTC 14382T/ =LMG Accession under process).
doi:10.1101/803825 fatcat:5ey7ev7u4zet3kpzv32pgzfgve