Brian D. Earp
2021 Think  
Frederick (2021, see the preceding article) offers a critique of my writing tips aimed at undergraduate students coming to philosophy – and in many cases, essay writing – for the first time (Earp, 2021, in this volume) Frederick claims that most of my tips are good tips but characterizes two of them as bad tips, as follows: Bad tip 1. Be very careful about making any universal claims (involving words such as 'every', 'never', 'always'). Such a claim can be refuted by just a single
more » ... ingle counterexample. Do not leave yourself open to such refutation. Make a universal claim only if you are sure that there are no counterexamples.Bad tip 2. Pick a smaller, more narrow thesis and argue for it thoroughly rather than a more ambitious thesis for which you argue less thoroughly.
doi:10.1017/s1477175621000075 fatcat:yk66bltyxrfwnaemh3xqlj5x5e