D.2.5 Final pilot test and validation

Sergio Morant
2021 Zenodo  
5G carries out a shift in the way the mobile service is delivered, going beyond current broadband usage. It takes into account the requirements of each vertical industry to provide a tailored service that meets the constraints imposed by the vertical industry. In order to validate that the requirements of the vertical industries are met, it is necessary to identify a set of Vertical Service KPIs that can be used for validation. This deliverable consolidates the 5G EVE internal Use Cases
more » ... nt and execution, and reports the empowerments provided by 5G and specifically by the 5G EVE end-to-end site facility. The 5G EVE internal Use Cases cover the following vertical industries: • Smart transport in the context of media content delivery on board high-speed railways and in the context of monitoring and steering mobility flows. • Smart Tourism by delivering enhanced experience for visitors utilizing augmented reality services, as well as improved participation and engagement for professional visitors at events (e.g., fairs, trade shows...). • Industry 4.0 in the context of autonomous guided vehicles in manufacturing environments. • Smart Energy in the context of fault management for distributed electricity production, as well as resolving outages thereby preserving stability of the electricity grid. • Smart Cities in the context of detecting and steering mobility of people in densely visited areas, ambient air quality monitoring and forecasting, using ambulance vehicles as communication hubs for transmitting patients' vital signals and high-resolution medical media content. • Media & Entertainment in the context of ultra-high-fidelity media at live events, immersive media, virtual visits, and multi-site gaming. Each performed use case reported back to the site facility operators, which features and capabilities of 5G the involved stakeholders perceived as empowering elements, as well as which additional 5G EVE services facilitated an easy exploitation of the 5G EVE infrastructure [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5070256 fatcat:jdn6vwwnc5f55mjbaprmpaqhy4