Transverse momentum spectra of pions in particle and nuclear collisions and some ratio behaviours: towards a combinational approach

Bhaskar De, S Bhattacharyya, P Guptaroy
2002 Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics  
The nature of transverse momentum dependence of the inclusive cross-sections for secondary pions produced in high energy hadronic(PP), hadronuclear(PA) and nuclear(AA) collisions has here been exhaustively investigated for a varied range of interactions in a unified way with the help of a master formula. This formula evolved from a new combination of the basic Hagedorn's model for particle(pion) production in PP scattering at ISR range of energies, a phenomenological approach proposed by
more » ... nn for converting the results of NN(PP) reactions to those for either PA or AA collisions, and a specific form of parametrization for mass number-dependence of the nuclear cross sections. This grand combination of models(GCM) is then applied to analyse the assorted extensive data on various high energy collisions. The nature of qualitative agreement between measurements and calculations on both the inclusive cross-sections for production of pions, and some ratios of them as well, is quite satisfactory. The modest successes that we achieve here in dealing with the massive data-sets are somewhat encouraging in view of the diversity of the reactions and the very wide range of interaction energies.
doi:10.1088/0954-3899/28/12/306 fatcat:nenavras4fhmdbnjn6jbf6wrl4