Evolve Filter Stabilization Reduced-Order Model for Stochastic Burgers Equation

Xuping Xie, Feng Bao, Clayton Webster
2018 Fluids  
In this paper, we introduce the evolve-then-filter (EF) regularization method for reduced order modeling of convection-dominated stochastic systems. The standard Galerkin projection reduced order model (G-ROM) yield numerical oscillations in a convection-dominated regime. The evolve-then-filter reduced order model (EF-ROM) aims at the numerical stabilization of the standard G-ROM, which uses explicit ROM spatial filter to regularize various terms in the reduced order model (ROM). Our numerical
more » ... esults are based on a stochastic Burgers equation with linear multiplicative noise. The numerical result shows that the EF-ROM is significantly better than G-ROM.
doi:10.3390/fluids3040084 fatcat:3kfd2hynn5eqhfryrjqm66fxqi