Ultrafine aerosol size distributions and sulfuric acid vapor pressures: Implications for new particle formation in the atmosphere. Year 2 progress report [report]

P.H. McMurry
1993 unpublished
Internet) • Year 2 Progress Report This project has two components with different but related objectives. One component deals with measurement of H2SO4 vapor pressures in air under temperature and relative humidity conditions similar to those found in tile atmosphere. The second deals with measurement of ultrffme aerosol size distributions. Progress has bee!_ made on both tasks during Year 2. However, during Year 2 we have chosen to put more effort itntothe work on size distribution
more » ... ibution measurements since this tasg is progressing very well and is rapidly producing significant results. DI6TRIBUTION OF THIS DOOUMENT 18UNLIMITEI_"
doi:10.2172/10168795 fatcat:nfdgxydc6fgrjgcdt55q6b4ekm