Effect of Heat Treatment at 1150°C on Creep-Rupture Properties of a Fe3Al-Based Alloy

C. G. McKamey, Y. Marrero-Santos, P. J. Maziasz
1994 Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings  
The effects of composition and heat treatment at 1150OC on the creep-rupture properties of Fe3Al-based alloys were studied. Tests of alloy FA-180 (Fe-28A1-5Cr-0.5Nb-0.8Mo-0.025Zr-0.05C-O.O05B, at.%) with this heat treatment were performed in air using various test temperatures and stresses in order to obtain creep activation energies and constants. An activation energy for creep of approximately 150 kcaVmole was determined, a value which is approximately twice that obtained earlier for the
more » ... arlier for the binary alloy heat treated at 750°C. Tests were also conducted on alloys containing various combinations of Cr, Mo, Nb, Zr, C, and B in order to better understand the effect of composition on the improved creep resistance with heat treating at 1150°C. The results suggest an interaction of Mo with Zr and Nb to produce increased creep life. Recently an alloy containing these additions, designated FA-180, was shown to exhibit a 7he m n e d ma-t has been authored by a ontractor of the U.S. Go~mment unda No. DE-ACO5-84oR214M). Aoxf&$y, the U.S. Gonmment retains a roydty-frm to plbcsh the pahshed form of this con-. Q axow othets to do 50. for U.S. Gawnvnent
doi:10.1557/proc-364-249 fatcat:6xsyqpy5rvez7lgrhpcnaypb5e