Osoblyvosti Orhanizatsii Sensomotornoi Funktsii Vesluvalnykiv Z Urakhuvanniam Rivnia Sportyvnoi Maisternosti [Peculiarities Of Sensorimotor Function Rowers Considering The Level Of Sportsmanship]

A P Romanchuk, М M Glushchenko, E P Petrov
2015 Zenodo  
This kind of sport like rowing, every year it puts higher demands on physical, technical, mental and other types of training athlete. Successful performances in competitions in rowing depends on the perfection of technical skill and physical qualities that determine the rower's performance on the course. Content control physical fitness should be not only comprehensive, but also planned according to age athlete and his athletic skills. To effectively manage the training process should have a
more » ... ar idea of the model parameters of the structure readiness rowers various sports skills. But readiness models, which are found in the literature rowing does not reflect all the complex physical qualities that are rowers needed in step specialized basic training. Functional brain characteristics (strength, mobility and balance of excitation and inhibition) is determined not only higher nervous activity, but the features of the higher nervous system that determines the course of regulatory processes in cardiac, vascular and respiratory systems that characterize a functional reserve of the human body. Therefore, the definition of the characteristics of the central nervous system was and is the main task of neuroscience sport. The study sensorimotor functions rowers using computerized meter movements depending on the level of sportsmanship revealed characteristics of sensorimotor organization functions at central and peripheral levels of synaptic regulation of movements. The results suggest the possibility of using indicators sensorimotor organization of movements during the selection of classes to rowing, and during the medical-pedagogical observation of athletes.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.32935 fatcat:u2g7gks4sbcqdbqs2gqqod4olm