Faizsiz Bankacılığın Dini Temeli Açısından Mudarabe ile Selef Yöntemlerinin Mukayesesi

GÜL Ali Rıza
2005 Ankara Üniversitesi İlahiyat Fakültesi Dergisi  
Comparison of Mudaraba and Salaph in point of Religious Basis of Interest-Free Banking. Today's interest-free banks continue their activities in line with principles of mudaraba. In accordaııce with these principles, the se banks co llect deposits in status of profit and loss partnership, and make use funds in the same status. Because of this, these banks make the ir depositors partners for their benefits and losses in appearance. In this strucrure, the ir obligation of repayınent for the ir
more » ... ınent for the ir depositors is removed exactly in their loss. Yet there is no similarity between mudaraba aııd banking, but a little. From this point of view, mudaraba doesn't own qualities that will be basis for banking system; thus, it makes iııterest-free banks face excessive problems. We propose that the salaph method used by Zubair b. Avvam as a collecting capital system in the period of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and flrst four caliphs should be accept as a foundation in the iııterest-free banking system.
doi:10.1501/ilhfak_0000000364 fatcat:l4jwwsarive7do2xrtncdzeeqq