T Mokhtari-Azad et al: Comparison of Multiplex … Comparison of Multiplex Nested RT-PCR with Virus Isolation for Detection of Influenza Viruses A and B

T Mokhtari-Azad, F Rezaie-Khollari, A Nadji, V Salimi, Z Noroozbabaie, M Naseri, A Mirzaie, Z Saadatmand, M Gouya, A Esteghamati, R Hamkar
2003 ing 1997-1998 in Hong Kong   unpublished
Influenza A viruses bearing all known HA and NA subtypes have been isolated from avian hosts: but only the A/H1N1,A/H2N2 and A/H3N2 influenza subtypes have been associated with widespread epidemics in humans until now .While influenza B detected only in humans. Subtype H5 infection in humans occurred for the first time dur