Synergistic Teamwork Using Social Media for Innovative Development of an Arabic Symbol Dictionary

Amatullah Kadous, Amal Idris, Aejaz Zahid
2015 International Journal of Excellence in Education  
This paper explores the development of a freely available online Arabic symbol dictionary that will have a wide range of culturally, linguistically and environmentally appropriate symbols leading to an increase in Arabic language skills for those dependent on communication devices and encouraging greater cultural understanding by those therapists working with these children and adults. The use of social media and online systems has provided for participatory research to be undertaken between
more » ... dertaken between researchers, therapists and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) users to ensure the development of meaningful symbols and a core vocabulary. Bespoke systems have also promoted the building of a synergistic team able to respond speedily to users' needs, data collection and analysis as well as collaboratively solving problems that arise.
doi:10.12816/0026311 fatcat:ghkukrbp7jdevgghozew4madgy