Study on the Influence of Flow Distribution Structure of Piston Pump on the Output of Pulsation Pump

Ruichuan Li, Jilu Liu, Xinkai Ding, Qi Liu
2022 Processes  
According to the working principle of the A10VNO swashplate axial piston pump, the output flow model of an axial piston pump in an ideal state and the output flow theoretical model of an axial piston pump considering the leakage and flow distribution process are established. The output flow pulsations of odd and even piston pumps are simulated and analyzed by Matlab, and the influence of a closed dead angle and a mismatch angle of the port plate on the output flow pulsation of the pump is
more » ... ed. Based on the theoretical model, AMESim is used to establish the overall model of the axial piston pump considering leakage, flow distribution process and oil compressibility under constant working conditions. By setting six different flow distribution boundary conditions corresponding to the theoretical research, the influence of flow distribution plate structure on pump output flow pulsation is studied. A test-bed was built and verified by experiments. The results show that when the mismatch angle of the valve plate is 3–5° and the dead angle is 6–10°, the difference between the output flow pulsations of the odd and even piston pumps is very small, so in the hydraulic pump hydraulic motor system, when the hydraulic pump is used as a hydraulic motor under the condition of power recovery, the odd number or adjacent even number of hydraulic motors are appropriate.
doi:10.3390/pr10061077 fatcat:mt5bbxd5lzbk3aztbszt5pl3mm