Numerical Simulation and Analysis of Cylindrical Ice Impacting Problem

WANG Chao, YANG Bo, ZHANG Yuan, GUO Chunyu, YE Liyu
2022 Shanghai Jiaotong Daxue xuebao  
In order to study the application characteristics of the peridynamics (PD) method in the field of ice mechanical behavior and the sensitivity analysis of parameter changes in the numerical prediction of ice failure, the ordinary state-based peridynamic method is employed to systematically analyze the impact failure process of cylindrical ice in the present work. The results show that the simulated ice impact process by the proposed method is basically consistent with the test results, and the
more » ... lculation results converge under the selected time step and particle spacing. The impact velocity, Poisson's ratio, and the elastic modulus of the ice have remarkable effects on the impact process of ice cylinder, while the size and fracture toughness of the ice only have little influence. The innovation of this paper lies in the fact that the state-based PD method is applied to study the ice impact problem, which compensate for the shortcomings of the bond-based PD method that limits the Poisson's ratio of the ice.
doi:10.16183/j.cnki.jsjtu.2020.278 doaj:e5b77520bc6d48c49458cd2aba5dec8b fatcat:25zi7obbu5dl3kimla6mt333u4