Proceedings of the Chemical Society, Vol. 17, No. 239

1901 Proceedings of the Chemical Society London  
Of the following papers, those marked * were read. *93. '(A laboratory method for the preparation of ethylene." By G. S. Newth. By substituting tribasic phosphoric acid for sulphuric acid in the ordinary process for obtaining ethylene, this gas may be prepared in a high state of purity, Syrupy phosphoric. acid is boiled in a flask until the temperatnre reaches ZOO' , when ethyl alcohol is delivered drop by drop to the bottom of the boiling liquid. If the temperatiire is maintained about 220°, a
more » ... n abundant evolution of the gas takes place. As the liquid does not char or froth up, the operation may be conducted in a small reaction vessel ; and as t h e gas is entsirely free
doi:10.1039/pl9011700147 fatcat:xfzmxvk5yrbd5kg3emj37hqrj4