Haematological malignancies [book]

Thankamma Ajithkumar, Ann Barrett, Helen Hatcher, Natalie Cook
2011 Oxford Medicine Online  
Hodgkin's lymphoma (HL), now called Hodgkin disease, is one of the neoplastic diseases of the lymphatic tissue. In 1832, Thomas Hodgkin first described the disease in his historic paper entitled 'On Some Morbid Appearances of the Absorbant Glands and Spleen'. In 1898 and 1902 Carl Sternberg and Dorothy Reed contributed the first microscopic descriptions of the pathognomonic Hodgkin and Reed–Sternberg (H-RS) cells (...
doi:10.1093/med/9780199235636.003.0013 fatcat:chhrj6lrsbg2dkdyyvziohdcqa