TEKNIK PERAWATAN ANAK RUSA TROPIKA SEJAK LAHIR HINGGA MASA SAPIH (Hand-Rearing Technique of Tropical Deer From Birth to Weaning Age)

Media Konservasi, Vol
1997 unpublished
A technique in hand-rearing of tropical deer from birth to weaning age was developed using 52 sambar (Cervus unicolor) fawns. Fawns were best snatched between 24 to 48 hrs after birth. A milk powder specially made for d a i i calves was the best compared to the homogenized commercial milk. Suitable length of the artificial teat was between 3 to 4.2 cm, with the slit length of 3 mm. The main problems during the rearing time were the refusal in taking the first artificial m i k diarrhoea, bloat
more » ... diarrhoea, bloat and suckling the penis, button or anal areas. Giving moist dirts of 112 teaspoon once a day after the feeding would reduce the incident of bloating or diarrhoea.