The Dynamics of the Working Body of the Tubular Conveyor with ‎the Chain Drive

Oleg Lyashuk, Bogdan Sokil, Roman Hevko, Viktor Aulin, Leonid Serilko, Yuriy Vovk, Dmytro Serilko, Andriy Dovbysh
2021 Journal of Applied and Computational Mechanics  
The theoretical calculations of the dynamics of the conveyor drive chain oscillations for different speeds of bulk material movement as a result of motion internal perturbations have been presented in the article. Resonant oscillations have been studied. It has been established that the amplitude of the transition through the resonance is greater for higher speeds of the conveyor drive chain and the maximum dynamic tension in the chain increases with increasing speed of transportation of bulk
more » ... terial. The dependences of the natural frequency of the system "drive chain of the conveyor line - grain" on the parameters of the system and the amplitude, as well as the amplitude of the resonant oscillations of the system on the speed of grain movement have been obtained. The dependence of the resonance amplitude of the system "conveyor chain drive - grain mass" on the speed of the drive chain at certain parameters has been determined. Taking into account the obtained theoretical data, an improved construction of a tubular chain conveyor with various working bodies and stand equipment using the Altivar 71 frequency converter for complex tasks of the electric drive from 0.75 to 630 kW has been developed. The experimental researches have been carried out and the dependences for definition of productivity and a rotation moment at transportation by the tubular scraper conveyor on curvilinear routes for loose material (wheat and peas) have been received.
doi:10.22055/jacm.2021.35725.2719 doaj:9a7c90fd1f4843e0a77ea912dc1bbb8f fatcat:pvzqtf3k6ja4xovnul2fkxwr54