Steady state approximations and urban atmospheric chemistry

L. A. Farrow, T. E. Graedel
1977 The Journal of Physical Chemistry  
Publication costs assisfed by Bell Laboratories A computer simulation of the urban troposphere in northern New Jersey based on a chemistry of 143 reactions in 76 species has been performed without using any steady state approximations. After the fact, certain steady state relationships have been tested. The "photostationary state" relationship among NO, NOz, and O3 is found to be valid, but the free-radical HO-, which plays a vital part in the photochemistry of the troposphere, is shown to go
more » ... e, is shown to go in and out of the stationary state over the diurnal cycle. Thus the existence of the steady state can be corroborated only by reference to the complete solution. The approximate solution is not supportable by itself and should be avoided wherever possible in doing chemical kinetic calculations.
doi:10.1021/j100540a026 fatcat:jbqfp2xqjzeojdxtuahpbm3ypq