Simple smoothness indicator WENO-Z scheme for hyperbolic conservation laws [article]

Samala Rathan, G. Naga Raju, Ashlesha A. Bhise
2019 arXiv   pre-print
The advantage of WENO-JS5 scheme [ J. Comput. Phys. 1996] over the WENO-LOC scheme [J. Comput. Phys.1994] is that the WENO-LOC nonlinear weights do not achieve the desired order of convergence in smooth monotone regions and at critical points. In this article, this drawback is achieved with the WENO-LOC smoothness indicators by constructing a WENO-Z type nonlinear weights which contains a novel global smoothness indicator. This novel smoothness indicator measures the derivatives of the
more » ... cted flux in a global stencil, as a result, the proposed numerical scheme could decrease the dissipation near the discontinuous regions. The theoretical and numerical experiments to achieve the required order of convergence in smooth monotone regions, at critical points, the essentially non-oscillatory (ENO), the analysis of parameters involved in the nonlinear weights like ϵ and p are studied. From this study, we conclude that the imposition of certain conditions on ϵ and p, the proposed scheme achieves the global order of accuracy in the presence of an arbitrary number of critical points. Numerical tests for scalar, one and two-dimensional system of Euler equations are presented to show the effective performance of the proposed numerical scheme.
arXiv:1909.13023v1 fatcat:yrfgfawvqna53ixjenpjdvkhli