Rapid thermal analysis of energetic materials with microfabricated differential scanning calorimeters

Christopher M. Spadaccini, Erik V. Mukerjee, Jungchul Lee, William P. King
2009 TRANSDUCERS 2009 - 2009 International Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems Conference  
This paper introduces a class of single crystal silicon micro-scale differential scanning calorimeters for rapid detection and thermal characterization of energetic materials. The suspended membrane micro hotplates have fast time response and high sensitivity, which enables thermal measurements of melting endotherms and deflagration exotherms in energetic materials such as RDX and TNT. The potential exists for sensitivities in the picogram range with thermal scans in the 10's of milliseconds
more » ... controlled thermal cycling faster than 10 6°C /sec.
doi:10.1109/sensor.2009.5285544 fatcat:cgtl6vdsbfha7axjmbch2sxwc4