Dehumidified-Air-Assisted Spray Drying of Buckwheat Honey with Maltodextrin and Skim Milk Powder as Carriers

Alicja Barańska, Aleksandra Jedlińska, Katarzyna Samborska
2021 Applied Sciences  
Buckwheat honey is proven to demonstrate health beneficial properties; however, its application in the industry is limited due to its high viscosity and syrupy-like consistency. The paper aimed to investigate process performance and physiochemical properties of carrier-reduced buckwheat honey. Honey was spray dried conventionally (inlet/outlet drying temperature: 180 °C/80 °C) and at low drying temperature with dehumidified air application (inlet/outlet drying temperature: 80 °C/45 °C) with
more » ... °C/45 °C) with maltodextrin as traditional carrier and alternatively with skim milk powder. The results of this study indicate that lowering the humidity of drying air enabled a decrease in carrier content of up to 25% (w/w solids), following powder recovery over 87%, which has not been recorded before for buckwheat honey powders. The results for the physicochemical properties proved that the application of the dehumidified air and skim milk powder as a carrier ameliorated their physiochemical properties and the antioxidant activity. Furthermore, the energy consumption of dehumidified-air-assisted spray drying was investigated as a basis for potential industrial application of this innovative method, which has not been studied in the literature before. The industrial application of this method must be carefully analyzed with regard to its advantages, as the energy consumption is significantly higher than in conventional spray drying.
doi:10.3390/app11073150 fatcat:tpcddw2qynb3nlj2zo4corbudu