Future dynamic sea level change in the western subtropical North Pacific associated with ocean heat uptake and heat redistribution by ocean circulation under global warming

Tatsuo Suzuki, Hiroaki Tatebe
2020 Progress in Earth and Planetary Science  
In the present study, the relative importance of ocean heat uptake and heat redistribution on future sea level changes in the western North Pacific has been reconciled based on a set of climate model experiments in which anomalous surface fluxes of wind stress, heat, and freshwater in a warmed climate are separately given to those fluxes in a pre-industrial control simulation. Our findings suggest that the basin-wide ocean heat uptake and resultant heat accumulation by the climatological-mean
more » ... imatological-mean advection are required to explain the future dynamic sea level (DSL) rise in the western subtropical North Pacific caused by the thermal expansion of subtropical mode water (STMW). At the same time, it has been recognized that the localized heat uptake in association with the wintertime mixed-layer formation around the Kuroshio Extension can be solely attributed to the future STMW change. The thermally induced component is a dominant contribution to the future DSL rise in the western subtropical North Pacific compared to the contributions of wind-induced and halosteric components, which, especially the former, have been reported as a dominant factor resulting from a linear response of the ocean to the northward shift and strengthening of the mid-latitude westerly over the North Pacific in a warmed climate.
doi:10.1186/s40645-020-00381-9 fatcat:l6dwydn5hbdb3mzx3fderuwlum