Random commercial spaces potentials and problems. (Dept. A)

Eman El _sherbiny, Alaa El-Eashy, Mona Elwazir
2016 Bulletin of the Faculty of Engineering. Mansoura University  
KEYWORDS: ‫األسواق،‬ ‫التجاري،‬ ‫الفراغ‬ ‫العشوائي،‬ ‫التجاري‬ ‫الفراغ‬ ‫الجائلين‬ ‫الباعة‬ . Abstract-The problem of random commercial spaces and street vendors is considered one of the most influential problems on the urban environment, The random overstock of vendors in the life areas of the city results from the absence of accurate study of the presence of street vendors in the general planning of the city and urban space designs, it becomes a load over the urban space , while it is
more » ... while it is possible to be a good economic opportunity by considering it in the general planning of the city and its urban space designs , and it have to be in conjunction with a review of legislation commercial spaces, where we can get a comprehensive methodology to re-evaluate the commercial spaces in the city of Mansoura, for reducing negative aspects of the random presence of street vendors in the urban design of the city (traffic jam -crime -visual pollution.. etc), and also to be able to create a sufficient space for the needs of (the neighborhood -the city -the village -the region), where we can study the relationship of these spaces side by side while having in consideration planning rates of the city, to be able to get markets and commercial spaces can contain the movement of sales and purchase which conform with theories (visuallyenvironmentallydesign data), the research problem is the random markets and its consequent which requires studies, research aims to develop a methodology for the study of random markets to get its positives and negatives ,and to study the position of it in the general planning of the city to do a certain service, the research found to do a detailed study on the Conditions of the markets in the city of Mansoura, where we were able to study each market positives and negatives, then we can get a total studies of Mansoura considering to population densities and rates of planning for the city (with a future extension regions), where they are evaluating market conditions and needs of spaces, it can be done according to its position relationships with the surrounding urban space and the identification of each market, then the necessary time plans can be done whether by the total transfer or development (expansion or reduce densities by partial transfer), encouraging vendors to participate in the development of the market, also includes reviewing the governmental process of granting commercial licenses.
doi:10.21608/bfemu.2020.103995 fatcat:qdnut5edzbabribtzskmjua54i