Fragmentation versus convergence: University students in Brussels and the consumption of TV series on the Internet

Victor Wiard, David Domingo
2016 unpublished
Fragmentation and convergence are core concepts in the theorisation of audiences in the digital age. Through the analysis of the practices and motivations of French-speaking university students in Brussels consuming (American) TV series on the Internet, this article shows how the intersection of these two concepts could contribute towards a more nuanced portrait of the habits of online audiences. Results show a demanding and autonomous audience of students not only in terms of which TV series
more » ... f which TV series they are willing to consume but also in terms of the language and subtitles of the content consumed, the flexibility to choose the time of consumption and the technique used to access the content. A combination of media diaries and interviews allowed to reconsider the concepts of fragmentation and convergence, at first sight conflicting, and to put them in dialogue to propose a definition of university students in Brussels as a fragmented audience in a convergent environment.